Sunday, April 12, 2015


Its been a while. we did have a great time in San Francisco and I took over a thousand pictures of that town, especially at night with all the city lights.

Since then I have been to Bend, Oregon for my show at Mockingbird Gallery and then on to Portland to get some more city at night shots. I seem to be drawing more interest from the night time paintings of larger cities than from the more traditional landscapes. Jim Peterson from the gallery and I got into a few conversations about the changing art market. He feels they are moving more modern paintings with a contemporary frame put on them. I told him about the night paintings I was doing in salt lake city and he liked the images and felt we should try some from Portland. Move with the times.

The show went well with him selling three works on the opening night. They had it on their first Friday gallery walk which pulls basically the entire population of Bend through the gallery, or so it seems. Compared to Scottsdale where they have several hundred walking through, Bend had over a thousand over the course of the night.

I did try a small 9x12 city painting from Bend that afternoon just to chat with people about the show on the street.

The following day I went out plein air painting with Eric Jacobsen and the former owner of the gallery, Pamela. Eric took us up around his place in Prineville which is located in a nice valley northeast of Bend. Here is a view looking across some open fields with cows and the meandering creek.

The next day I was off to Portland where I stayed at Craig Srebnik's house south of the city. That night we went into Portland where of course it was raining and took shots. The weather was perfect for me trying to capture the reflections of the city at night. The next day I was downtown all day and evening doing it all over again in the rain. From the images I'll do some loose city paintings for Mockingbird Gallery.

I've actually started a few and will have images tomorrow

Richard Boyer

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