Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This Saturday on a bright and early flight we head to San Francisco for a three day Spring Break. We'll stay downtown, walking distance to most things and show the kids the sights and sounds of the big city.  I'll take the camera along to get some nice evening shots of the town as well. Monday late at night we will fly back to Salt Lake where I have one day here before driving out to Bend, Oregon for my Friday show at Mockingbird Gallery.

Well I dug through some old photo's of the kids fishing back about ten years ago and decided to put them in the painting. It adds a nice element with the figures and their fishing rods. I'll show it at the crit session tomorrow night and make a few final changes on it Friday. This painting I'll take to the show.

After talking with Jim Peterson the owner he felt I needed a few more European works, so I got busy and blocked in a few

He found a few extra frames at the gallery, one being a 30x20 inch. So I started this painting of Brugge, Belgium. Its always been a favorite angle for me and is a well known spot by this famous hotel. Here they load up the boats for the tour down through the canals.

This 24x18 I'm still working on. the town in Banon, Provence; and I picked it because of the warm light on the stone walls. the old staircase adds a nice lead-in to the sunlight cafe at the top.  Now it still needs more work which I will do tomorrow. The figure needs to be defined more, another words more color added so she pops at the top of the stairs. I'll add some red flowers to the left side to balance the painting off as well.

Richard Boyer

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