Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Back from Scottsdale and it was warm down there, topping out at 91 degrees. The show was fun and I feel they are well stocked now with new paintings.

Now its on to the next show coming up in Mockingbird Gallery, Bend, Oregon.

I started this 24x38 piece yesterday of Brocken Top Mountain, part of the three sisters outside of Bend. I want to put some kids in there fly fishing. Years ago I took reference material of our kids fishing and thought maybe they might look good on the right side of the bank. It will add a little interest to the painting.

This 20x30 painting I also finished off for his show. The family is slowly working their way down through the dunes. This work I feel will also make a good limited edition print. Slowly but surely I'm building up a collection of material for a good selection of giclee's.

Southam Gallery put in a request for some smaller city paintings. So I think it might call for a trip to the local home depot to buy some masonite board. I can build some wood frames, paint the sides black and glue the masonite to it.  I'll have a modern look to the painting.

Richard Boyer

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