Monday, March 9, 2015


I'm heading down to Scottsdale on Wednesday morning, a show at the May Gallery with another artist Robert Tate. The weather is suppose to be up in the mid eighties, quite a bit warmer than here. Ron came through also with a few sales which is always nice to hear before the show.

He also wanted another 9x12 boat painting. So a few days ago I worked on this little row boat from Sandhamn, Sweden. The painting I did in one session which is always fun to do, it forces you to use larger and thicker brush strokes.

This snow scene I also started yesterday and more or less finished it off today. It still will need a little more tomorrow and will be quite wet when I put it in the car for the trip. The painting is an 18x24 and was a request by a client. they saw an earlier version I did of this house among the Erie Canal and fell in love with it. So I made this one slightly larger than the original 16x20 and put in a few variations in the foreground water.

I'll be taking down about 8 paintings, mainly works I have had at other galleries and have re-worked. I also have quite a lot from southern Utah which I want to try in the Scottsdale market. So we shall see what sells in the coming months down there.

Richard Boyer

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