Friday, April 17, 2015


On Thursday I started this 40x40 of Portland, a view of the train coming towards the viewer. The paint was still too wet to work on it today. I find with oil primed linen the surface is smooth and not so absorbent as cotton canvas, so the paint tends to glide around more on this. The next day of painting I find myself scratching up yesterdays strokes with the fresh paint of today. I can't seem to get the darker values to lay on top of the paint. So I'm thinking another day for it to dry a little more and I can attack it without pulling up the first days work.

So I ended up digging through the images I had from San Francisco. One shot I took was with the sun right in my eyes as I looked up the street;  everything was hazed out by the bright light with the silhouette of the bus driving down the road. There was also a bright red awning hit by the sun on the left side. If I can pull it off this will be a really nice piece.

Richard Boyer

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