Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Here is the finished 28x44 painting of the McKensey River in Oregon.; with fly fisherman as well.  This one I will do as a limited edition print on canvas, that is once I get enough images done. Before I put any of these up on-line I would like to have around twenty paintings for people to choice from.

There were a few elements I worked on in the painting. the foreground rocks needed more definition and color in the water. I played around some with the placement so it has a good lead-in to the composition, almost like an arrow pointed upstream. There the viewer stops to look at the man trying his luck with the fly rod.

We finally got the large box from my driveway into the house and put together. I feel guilty after asking my neighbors to help me lift the thing in the house. It weighs 180 pounds and did a number on a few backs. There are still some parts to it I need to get put together and mounted.

My next project will be figuring out how the wireless connection works with my computer…

Richard Boyer

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