Monday, February 9, 2015


Today I was back on to this piece. I want to get it done now so I can start maybe another river painting. So this morning it was the foreground that needed definition. the flat rocks I had a little fun with designing them to produce an arch pointing back up the river, this added a nice compositional element. I'm still thinking of putting a fly fisherman out there on the left side to add a little human connection and if he happens to be wearing a little red that might just add some more excitement to the painting.

Over the weekend I met up with Robert Duncan to learn the ins and outs of printing your own posters or limited edition prints. He has build up a rather large enterprise producing limited edition Giclee's with his own store right there on Main Street in Midway.  With the sale from our duplex I am going to dive into the same business. The whole thing sounds a little nerve-racking, but its something I feel I need to get into to help smooth out those ups and downs of the income of being an artist. Tomorrow I'll order a 44 inch printer from Canon and start learning the process.

First up will be getting familiar with Adobe Photoshop, the program needed to run the printing.

I'll let you know how it all developed.

Richard Boyer

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