Friday, February 20, 2015


So last week my daughter started it, came home from school complaining of that achy feeling. The next day she is lying in bed with a nose like "Rudolph the red nosed raindeer".  I knew what was going to happen. My son got it a few days ago and now me. Its like a ticking time bomb when they bring it home from school. Its not a question of "if", but "when".  For me it was about five days...

On Wednesday I blocked in this 20x30 beach painting from southern Sweden. I liked the girls working their way down the hill. Most people who have experienced walking amongst the dune grasses know how sharp and spiky they can be. So both the girls on the left are having problems navigating the path down the hill.

This morning I worked on the background, finishing off the sky and most of the water. As I get the main figures defined better I will most likely change elements with the beach and water to help with the composition.  There was a slight breeze that I want to capture as well. I can most likely show this in the blowing dune grass and the waves at the shoreline.

Southam Gallery came through with the sale of this 36x48 painting. I'm glad since it was a gallery wrap, meaning I didn't have a frame for it, just wrapped the canvas around to the back of the heavy duty stretcher bars. It gives it a little more of a modern look.

One of the local law firms bought it for their main office.

Richard Boyer

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