Wednesday, October 15, 2014


It's been a rough week I guess, emotionally and physically but I am hanging in there.  Tomorrow I'm taking a break and head down to Moab to do a little exploring with the kids, it should be sunny and warm. I'm looking forward to some exploring in Arches National Park.

Over the weekend I did this little 12x9 of my daughter hanging up some laundry, now it may still need some work, especially in the face. This shot I took over in Sweden with her cousins.

With winter coming up I also figured I will need to get some large boat paintings going for the galleries. This 24x36 I started yesterday. Shown here is just the block-in, where I establish my composition and values..  I did a smaller 11x14 version of this a while back for the Howard/Mandville Gallery and thought it would make a nice larger painting.

Today I went back into it and defined the buildings; trying at the same time to keep it loose but yet accurate. If you set yourself the goal of finishing all the buildings in one session it does force you to work fast and make some quick painting decisions with the brush strokes.

Richard Boyer

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