Friday, October 10, 2014


Duplex is all done and on the market. The Real Estate Agent plans on having an open house this Saturday, so we will see if anyone is interested. I need to head over there now to rack leaves. We need to keep it all clean for the clients.

I got several paintings back from Jim at the Mockingbird Gallery. With all the new ones he got from the Coos Bay show, he had quite a lot. So I decided to take a few for some of the other galleries.  This snow painting I worked on a little this morning, adding more broken ice in the foreground; yes, giving it that un-safe feeling to cross.  The house is from back east along the Erie Canal, with the warm glow of lights it has an inviting feeling.

I've also started up again with some small figure studies. this one is of Sofie over in Sweden. I gave her a butterfly to add some interest.

Richard Boyer

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