Thursday, October 30, 2014


I started a new 24x30 painting of Charlotte walking through the dunes. It was a windy day and I liked the way she is fighting the breeze.  Southam Gallery will be having a show for me next month, so I need to get a few pieces done for that.

On a side note I did manage to break a tooth this morning. Didn't even feel a thing, just an audible crunch as I ate some bread and discovered that half my back molar broke off. So this afternoon I'll see the dentist and hopefully find out what it will cost to fix..My insurance plan doesn't cover dental.

This small 12x16 I got back from Mockingbird and decided to spice it up a little with some Fly Fishermen. I'll send it off to Southam Gallery.

Richard Boyer

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  1. As soon as I saw this painting at Southam's I knew I had to buy it for my husband for Christmas. It could have been a portrait of him and our sons fishing in that very spot. Now that our four sons are grown and all living out of state, this picture will be a heartwarming reminder of the love they share and the bonds they have created in places like this. He opened it this morning and teared up with the memories it evoked. This special painting is already hanging in the entry hallway of our Alpine home.