Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday, Aug. 12

It was a good three week vacation, starting out with a trip up to Seattle to see my brother and pick up my son, Victor who has been crewing on a one hundred year old boat for a week. Scott and I were allowed to tag along on a three hour sail with them. I shot a video of it with my phone and hopefully the link will work here.


After the sail we were driven to the airport to catch the evening flight over the arctic to Sweden. Didn't get in until evening the next day and were then subject to a three hour drive up to Halsingland.

Here is a picture of the farm near Kilafors, with a lake near by its the perfect spot for all the kids and cousins to hang out for weeks on end.  I gathered up several of the relatives for photo shoots for future paintings. Everything from hanging laundry in the wind to rowing boats on the lake. I took over 3000 pictures.

Here is another evening shot across the road. The sun never really got much below the horizon, so blinds on the windows are a must for sleeping in summer. 
After two weeks up there we headed down to Osthammar and then Stockholm. 

I took in the museums with my daughter and starred at the Zorn paintings for a long time. She finally nudged me away from them and told me to move along.  We spent most of the time in Stockholm walking around taking shots under the evening light. The three days we were there we must have wandered 30 kilometers.
Now we are back to reality in Salt Lake.

I blocked in this 30x40 for the Mockingbird Gallery, Jim wanted a nice big sail boat painting with story skies.

Richard Boyer

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