Friday, August 15, 2014


Worked some more on the large boat painting. With a scene like this, boats in front of a city, its best to get the background blasted in first. So I worked on the sky and city of Stockholm, trying not to get too detailed with it all. The background can not compete with the foreground ships and their rigging. I'm going to put three boats it with some of them catching light through the sails; this should add some nice drama to the work.

I've been busy the last few days. We have a duplex we are going to sell and it needs a lot of work done to it to get it ready.  This is the one where we had to get a lawyer to evict some tenants.  The back deck is also being re-built, a rather large one at 20x30 feet; but its always been a strong selling point for getting tenants. I'm on the home stretch with that project then its on to re-painting the inside.

Tomorrow we are having a large yard sale with all the stuff we hauled out of the duplex. The lawyer said we had to keep it for one month after the eviction. Now its time to get rid of the junk!

Richard Boyer

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