Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Back from Scottsdale, back into the cold north and back into the rain. It was nice down in the sun while it lasted. The show went well, although according to Ron the crowds are not quite there yet in Scottsdale. They say towards the middle of the month the sun bunnies come down out of the snow filled north. So at least I can say the gallery is stocked well with paintings for the season.

I did bring back a few paintings from the gallery which I will work on over the next week, changing a little here and there. 

After yesterdays session I started a little 12x16 copy of a Sorolla painting. I feel sometimes it's a good idea to be humble and copy one of the masters works. One can learn a vast amount by doing so. Joaquin Sorolla lived about 100 years ago in Spain and was so good at capturing light on people at the beach. His use of blues in the shadow areas on a body are phenomenal.  

Richard Boyer

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