Thursday, February 13, 2014


There was a reason I copied a Sorolla painting yesterday, to see basically how the master painted figures around water. With this learning experience I started a larger 30x24 painting of Charlotte walking along the coast in Sweden. The light may not be as strong as it was down in Spain when Sorolla painted his models, but the blues should be just as present in the shadow areas of the figure. 

I just did a quick block-in today working on the composition. I really like the way the wave is crashing around her feet with one leg held higher in the air to avoid the water. In the next few days I'll work on the figure bringing some warms and cools into the face and clothing. Hopefully I can keep the work nice and loose like the master did with big brush strokes. 

This painting I'm doing just for fun, its kind of nice not to be working for a gallery deadline!

Richard Boyer

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