Saturday, February 1, 2014


Well I finished off the three 12x16 Amsterdam paintings for the May Gallery. I'll throw these in the car with the rest of the work when I drive down on Tuesday. They have sold three already, so I am hoping more will come. Lets keep the fingers crossed, as they say.

                                 Tight Corner 12x16

                                 Morning Rush Hour 12x16

                                 Bike Ride  12x16

From doing these smaller studies I can see they will also make for some larger, maybe 24x36 paintings.

This other painting I got back from the Howard/Mandville Gallery. So I attacked it with the brush this morning. There were a couple of figures out front that I eliminated and then I played up the light inside more. The building to the right I also illuminated, so now one is drawn to look inside the windows more. Playing on the views voyeuistic tendencies!!! 

Richard Boyer

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