Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today my step brother Rob moved his boat from a small dock or marina along the side of the Erie Canal out to a location next to the Niagara River. He has a friend there that owns a restaurant and wanted to spend some time at a new location. His friend also thought maybe a boat in front of the restaurant would help draw in the crowds.

So we set out at noon down the canal, passed rather large homes, or estates on the way to the river connecting Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

Here is the captain of the USS Journey.

There were quite a few boats along the way as the canal lazily made its way down.

This one bridge they built and the story has it they used only once to open for a larger boat, since then it has remained in the down position.

 This bridged went over the mouth of Ellicot creek, that very creek where I painted the water falls the other day about fifteen miles upstream. He took the boat then out into the Niagara River for a view of the open water. Farther down stream is the famous Niagara Falls, not the place to have the motor fail on you!

Richard Boyer

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