Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It was good to paint with some artist friends at the OPA show in Patoskey, Michigan.  I didn't win anything and so far have not sold my painting. Some day I would like to walk away with the winning medal!!!

I stayed at Caesar Citraro's place in the country while I was there in Patoskey and on Friday he showed me around Harbor Springs across the bay, we worked on a couple of paintings there. Here is my piece and as usual I had too much information to capture in that small amount of time, but at least with this painting I should be able to finish it off nicely in the studio. I know Southam Gallery is screaming for more work.

The next day I went out with Ken Cadwallader to a place called Bill's Farm. The mist was still around so it gave a nice soft look to the landscape.  This spot was also very popular with the artists, Caesar turned me on to it and Marc Hanson was holding his painting class here also.  The foreground in my piece I am not too excited about and need to be fix it up or changed out completely.

Sunday was the drive back to Niagara Falls to visit my parents for a week.  Since I had the paints with I figures why not keep going, so I drove up to the old stomping grounds in Williamsville, New York and did this small 12x16 of the falls at Ellicot Creek, we use to play here a lot when I was small.  In fact there use to be an amusement park to the right that burned down in the 70's.

Richard Boyer

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