Thursday, April 25, 2013


I added the highlights on the water and defined some of the smaller rigging. It's ready for the critique session to get some outside view points. So maybe tomorrow I can say that it is really done.

As a signature member of the ASMA (American Society of Marine Artists) I am required to enter in several of their shows each year. In July they have their western regional show coming up at Coos Bay, Oregon in the summer, so I started my piece for the show. This 24x18 will be of my daughter walking through the water. A similar subject got me into the Oil Painters of America show, so why not try it here. Now they have never really been good at selling work, I have a feeling the market in that area is a little depressed. We were there once for the show and judging from the beat up, rusted pick-up trucks driving around, a strong contrast from the Mercedes and BMW's in Scottsdale, the clientele just are not there.

But still I'll wait and see, afterwards I can always sent to off to Mockingbird Gallery in Bend.

Richard Boyer 

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