Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday, April 1

This is the larger 30x20 I did on Friday and Saturday. I spent two long sessions to get it done and then of course tweaked it a bit the next day on Sunday.  The family are in southern Utah, so I am painting like a mad man before the show.

We had a good crit night on Saturday. Craig Srebnik and his girl friend were staying at Bryce Liston's house. Craig is another Oil Painters of America artist, quite well established. So it was good to meet him and chat about the business. We had about fourteen artists with significant others over here for a Julia Child's dinner. I opened the page to a mustard chicken recipe and made that, everyone else brought some dish or another for the grand fest. And of course the wine was flowing, what else when you get a bunch of artists together!

Today I started a larger 20x16 block-in of the girl reading a book. The smaller 16x12 version of this the Mockingbird Gallery sold before they even got the painting. They had another client request a larger piece, so for me its good practice to do it.

Richard Boyer

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