Friday, January 25, 2013


This painting has been lying around my studio for close to six months.  I had the position of the horses head looking away from the viewer. The gallery had it for a month or two, people complained about how dumpy the animal looked and why no one could see the face.  No bites as they say. So they sent it back to me and I changed the angle so the horse was looking directly at the viewer. Still no bites. Now I have turned the head ever so slightly and we shall see how it fairs with the public. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again, my grandmother always use to say.  Maybe third time is the charm?

Actually I sent the image off the horse painting to the Oil Painters of America show; along with the two girls walking in the water.  Only one of them can get juried into the show, but I figured with my rejection record from these shows it would be better to increase my chances with two sacrifices. 

I tried this last year and both of my entries were rejected.  As an Artist you learn to develop thick skin.

Richard Boyer

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  1. Richard,

    Did it occur to you that you might have the horse backward?

    Maybe you should turn the horse all the way around -- ie, ass end first.

    Always glad to help.

    -- Larry Darkness