Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I need to come up with a 30x40 painting for the May Gallery and figured why not try another figurative piece, another boat in the lilly pads painting.  It was a fun painting to do and a challenge with the water. This time I have my daughter in the back of the boat picking lilly flowers.  The foreground will be a variety of green leaves from the plant, along with a few bright colored flowers here and there.

This is the first stage, the block-in of the canvas. Making sure the canvas is covered and all the computational elements are addressed. So now everyone will say, "Well why then is the foreground all just one color?" …..because it's just the start "Grasshopper", all things will come in good time!
Hopefully I can keep the painting a little looser in style to add some excitement.

The calendar has been selling fairly well. A little over a week and I have sold over fifty of them. That being said, I would just like to say to order your today. I do have a finite amount and once they are gone, they will be gone forever!

Richard Boyer

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