Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The drive back from Bend was long as usual, just glad to get out of the car after ten hours on the road.

The show went well for me. All in all five paintings sold including this figurative piece I sent last week.  this is the one rejected from the Oil Painters of America show, so I'm glad I can throw that back at them that it sold in under five days after it arrived at the gallery !

The woman that bought it has swedish ties and met me the opening night to get the full story about the painting.

Jim Peterson had a "put your name in the envelope" system, then at 8:00 he drew out the names.  When the duet settled he had sold 13 or 14 pieces.  

This 8x10 study sold for me, it was actually done the day of the show, just a quick morning study.

Also this 11x14 fly fishing painting

And this 12x16 piece, twice actually!  They pulled one couples name out of the envelop that had already left and this guy next to me gave a sigh, he too had his name in there.  So I told him I could do another version of the falls, he agreed and we ended up being both happy.  So I earned back my gas money on the trip plus some.

Richard Boyer

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