Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have been working on this larger 30x40 painting of the mountain top village of Gordes in Provence for Southam gallery.  I took an older painting sanded it down and I’m in the process of just covering it over with the new subject.  When ever possible I will always try and recycle materials kind of like the “Borg” in Star Trek the next generation where they absorb and assimilate any foreign life form to use as their building block materials…”resistance is futile.” They use to always say.

I’ll have a picture of that soon. But today I worked on the 12x16 painting of Fall River Falls; this is the one that sold twice at the Mockingbird Gallery.  The person who didn’t get the original asked if I could do something like it again, which of course I agreed to.  I tried to keep it in that plein air fashion and do the piece quick with looser brush strokes, so hopefully the client will be happy with it. I would say it looks very similar to the original. I’ll take it to the crit session tonight and then send it of to the gallery next week.

Richard Boyer

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