Wednesday, July 18, 2012


One more day left to get everything done. We changed the crit for tonight from Thursday.  The last thing I wanted to do was stay up until midnight the night before we fly out of here.  This way I’ll have tomorrow to work on any changes that need to be done, before I ship them off. 

I worked on two today for the Mockingbird Gallery; this first one, a 12x16 is of the Metolius River up by Camp Sherman near Bend, Oregon; a favorite by the locals for fly fishing.

And speaking of fly-fishing I move on to the second one here, which was done a few weeks back up at the Midway paint out. It’s a view along the Provo River with Mount Timpanogos in the background.  Here I added some of the fly fishermen, since they never kept still in reality when we were painting there. I figure it adds a little excitement to an otherwise mundane river scene and it is a popular spot for fishing: although I never saw anyone catching anything!

Richard Boyer

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