Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I finished off this one. well then again is it ever finished.. The waves I changed about a little and worked on the foreground water. The city itself I gave some more detail to, defining a few of the buildings and roads. So now its in the corner as I work on a new piece. I figure I can bring it to the next crit session and get some feedback.  Maybe after a few weeks I can call it done and start working on the frame.

This 36x36 I started a few days ago. The subject is San Francisco again in the noonday light. I'm trying to keep much of it in shadow to play up some compositional elements. There is a nice rule if you can keep either two thirds of the painting in light or shadow it will help make for a better design. I still have a lot to do with the shadow area, adding hints of color and detail.  Once I get the damn architecture nailed in I can have a little fun with the brush strokes. Right now I am working on getting the perspective accurate, which is not easy.

Richard Boyer

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