Thursday, March 10, 2016


I decided to try some medium sized studies over the last couple of days, each one here is a 16x16.

We had a rainy Sunday afternoon, so I went downtown and started shooting with the camera. Trying to capture the wet streets and reflections as best I could. This one needs help, it might be just too blue. we have the crit session tonight so I can throw them at the group and get some feedback.

This one is a view up State Street with the capitol building in the background.

This one I seem the happiest with, its a view down South Temple with the old Hotel Utah on the right..  These all need some work, so tomorrow after the input I'll work some more on them. See if I can bring them to life. I've ordered some black frames for them which will set off the colors better.

Its time now to do some home repair. I guess at the last wind storm we had some of the white rubber roofing pad blew up underneath the back porch. So I need to clean it off and re-caulk it down. I'll do the classic southern European trick and put some bricks on the end so the wind won't lift it up again.

Richard Boyer

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