Saturday, November 21, 2015


I started a 28x38 today for the May Gallery, a view of downtown San Francisco at night. Standing at the edge of the road there is a nice lead-in with the grey curb, ending with the lights of on coming traffic. What I need to keep in mind is be loose with the handling of the paint and to just work on the values and architecture in the beginning. I'll get some pallet knife work on the road since it takes up a lot of real estate, then once it dries come back over the top for the rail lines of the trolley. there are some guide lines above the tracks that I want to incorporate into the composition. On the left side I'll put some people with umbrellas so the eye has something to follow along with.

I think this one will end up being really nice. lets see if I can get it done before Thanksgiving.

Southam Gallery had their show last night and actually sold three works of mine. The client did go for the 24x30 painting I did of the beach, a 24x24 cityscape sold and small 12x16 plein air boat painting from Sweden sold.  Not bad and a welcome relief from their summer dry spell. It will help since I need to order a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5, its an older version that will work on my computer. With the limited editions I need to adjust the colors of the printer sometimes and they suggest Photo shop is the best for that.

Richard Boyer

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