Monday, November 30, 2015


Well Thanksgiving came and went. we had some good friends over and as usual too much food to eat. We still have turkey leftovers. I figured it would be best to work some of it off so my daughter and I went skiing yesterday up at Alta, first time this season and I seem to be out of shape. It was cold up there, 12 degrees with low visibility from the clouds and to make it worse that had the snow making machines going full force, blowing wet mist across the slopes. This made it even colder when you ran through it.

I started a bunch of smaller paintings for Mockingbird Gallery since Christmas is coming up, he put in a request for some little pieces. I'll show some pictures of those in the next few days. Today I was back on this larger painting, working on the lights in the background. I have the wires in the air above the tracks to get in tomorrow;  that should help the composition more.

This 30x30 Jim sold over the holidays at the Mockingbird Gallery..he seems to be moving along with the work at a good pace; that's why he wants the smaller pieces ASAP.  If I can get all six done this week I'll send them off an the end of next week.

Richard Boyer

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