Monday, November 9, 2015


I started this 30x30 a few days ago and never got around to posting it, just got too busy I guess. Fall has arrived and the weather is turning colder, so there was a lot of last minute yard work that had to be done.  This painting I'll be sending off to Jim at the Mockingbird Gallery since he seems to be having the best luck at selling them. I sent him an image of it and he seems happy with the painting;  which is always a good thing when the gallery is behind the work.

I did get into a new gallery in Carmel, California; New Masters Gallery which has been around for close to 40 years.  About a week ago I sent them a CD with my cityscapes and sure enough they left a message on the phone that they were interested and wanted to represent my work. Its seems they want all the cityscapes I have in my studio, about eight pieces in all.  I've ordered the frames and they should be ready on Wednesday, then I can get them all boxed up and ready to go.  I'm excited to see if the market there will be as successful as Bend, Oregon. I could really use another good outlet for the new paintings.

This morning I started another 40x40. Mockingbird Gallery told me they have a client interested in one of the sold paintings I did, so something similar would be nice.

I'll be standing in the middle of the road with a purple light from the sky. Its basically the old one point perspective again.

The traffic is moving away from me in this one also. So instead of headlights from the cars;, I'll have red tail lights and traffic signals I can play up with color. The first couple of overhead traffic lights I'll have green. that will be more harmonies with the blue and purple sky. Farther down the lights will be red closer to the car tail lights. Now I will most likely be changing things around as I go on this.

Richard Boyer

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