Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I started two new 30x30's yesterday of San Francisco, just to build up some of the cityscape inventory. I'd like to start applying to some galleries in Carmel or San Francisco…so the more paintings I have the better my odds will be. This one above is just the block-in, about an hour and a half on it. The view is of one those old trolley busses with some figures walking across the road in full sun. There was also a red road work sign off on the right which added some nice color

This one I blocked in yesterday also and started in on it today, trying to get the cars in as best I can. The road is coming up the hill towards the viewer so it create some perspective challenges. I'll see if I can pull it off!  I like the way the road sits at the bottom of a canyon of buildings; with their height the street below appears quite dark with just a few places the sun can reach down to the pavement.

Richard Boyer

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