Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Would you believe I'm still waiting on Lycos to get back to me about transferring over my domain name to Squarespace.  Lycos is basically a bookie for domain names, they hold millions of the names or addresses for websites. Once you design a web site at one of the many hosting companies you need to get a domain name which is also attached to a series of numbers - an address for the internet that leads people to your website.  Lycos had some hackers attack their company and now are taking their time getting everything up and running again.

This painting I worked on some more. the foreground was too open so I added some figures to the left and concentrated on the red umbrella woman. It seems to balance off better now.

The second piece I also changed. Originally the lines with the tracks and guide wires above came right to the center, it had a tunnel effect. So I decided a bus would help to break it up and I got rid of a few of the overhead wires.  Looks a lot better now.

Richard Boyer

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