Friday, September 18, 2015


I've been off this blog site for a while now. I got preoccupied with creating a new website for my paintings.  My old site is very out-dated and uses all HTML.  Since I know very little of that it was next to impossible to change things around on my existing site. It was also very time consuming to update with new images; requiring me to get into the program and write all these html codes to source to different image locations.

So I have been playing around with "Squarespace"  one of the new "do it yourself" website design companies. So now after a few hundred frustrating emails I might be getting close to done.  They don't have any live person to client help, just through emails!!! So as you can guess when a problem arises, everything comes to a grinding halt, because I have to wait on a response from their email which would take hours… I can't say I'm happy with their customer service !

Once I can get my site address switched over I should be up and running.  They also have a store option, so I can start posting limited editions of my paintings. That part of it will be another learning curve for me, so it might take some time to do.

I worked on a few paintings this morning, while working on the website as well.  In this one I changed out a few cars and defined some people off to the left side.  There are a lot more paintings that I have been working on but as of yet have not had a chance to photograph them; maybe tomorrow!

Richard Boyer

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