Thursday, January 8, 2015


I've been working more on the figures and foreground water in this one. I had the water a little to blue right below the stern of the boat so it gave the illusion that she was pushing off in deep water which wouldn't make much scenes.  What it needed was some more warmer colors in the foreground to show the sand just under the water. So now it reads as shallow water by the shore.

There has been this interesting challenge going around on Facebook; where one artist posts three paintings a day for five days in a row and each day with the new images you have to nominate a new artist to do the same. Its quite interesting now but I can see how this pyramid idea will just saturate Facebook and become old quite in a short amount of time.

Its going to be day number four for me so I need to dig through my images and find three to post and then nominate an artist.

Richard Boyer

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