Friday, January 23, 2015


Its been a while since I last posted anything, busy with life I guess. We finally did sell the duplex, much of which went to pay off the debt on another loan. A new chapter in life now, not being a landlord. It was actually my first house I bought way back in 1988, filled with a lot of memories. I have some mixed emotions about selling it :-/

From the crit session a few weeks ago I was challenged to try something new and different, something bold with a pallet knife, something out of the box to say.

So, I was down at the Utrecht art store and saw some large 36x48 canvases and decided to try a night view of Salt Lake City. Okay I admit it was fun to try something with a house painting brush and two inch wide paint scraper. The paint I was able to lay down rather fast and loose without the detail. I just hope I can find an outlet for this, maybe Southam Gallery if they are open to try it.

I've also started another 36x48 view from Temple Square looking down Main Street, still needs some work, but I will be sure to show it once I work out the problems.

This painting I did a while back, a 12x24, needed a little "Je ne sais pas quoi?" So I decided on a horse. it required some element of life in it and what better than an old horse grazing by the tree. Now maybe it is ready to try again in a gallery.

Richard Boyer

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