Wednesday, July 2, 2014


On Monday afternoon we lost a very close family member, a member who was deeply loved. Mio our three year old cat developed an infection in her lung cavity which led to blood poisoning. From what we could gather it was most likely some cheat grass that worked its way under her skin and caused the infection. It's one of those things that happened to long haired animals in Utah quite frequently. On Friday she seemed normal and healthy then on Monday we were burying her in the backyard, it all happened too fast.  She was the best cat, the most friendly cat I have ever met.

I miss you Mio!!!

I did a small 9x12 painting of Arches National Park yesterday to keep my mind off the loss.  Southam Gallery said they wanted some more small southern Utah paintings.

This one I did today from the Window Section of the park. I noticed the camera caught a little too much blue in the background. Its not that vivid in reality.

Richard Boyer

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