Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I'm back from Coos Bay.

I had a great time and stayed as a guest at Dutch Mostert's home with a view over the inlet. Could you imagine waking up to this every morning!

The drive took longer than I expected, 15 hours in total, an hour of which was spent waiting in road construction. Oregon seemed to be doing every small road at the same time. So quite a few times I would be waiting 15-20 minutes for some pilot truck to take the crowd around some dump-truck.  That morning we went down to the museum to unload all my paintings and I judged the show, picking out the best of show and four merit awards. they had the names covered over to be fair.

On Saturday they had the banquet dinner. The museum gave me a fine introduction and I went up in front to announce the winners. The painting that caught my eye the most was done by another A.S.M.A. signature member, Austin Dwyer who had done a painting of two boats above the halfway mark close to the top of the canvas, most of it showed the rolling sea. The composition was strong and as it turns out two of the merit awards went to his students. 

During my stay there we went out most days to do some plain air painting on the beaches. Dutch really knew the area so for me it was fun to find all these hidden spots to paint. Many of which I am sure to do larger versions of.

Richard Boyer

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