Wednesday, January 8, 2014


It started snowing this morning and hasn't really let up all day.  Lina and I are suppose to head up to the mountains to do a little Cross country skiing, so we shall see just how bad the roads are?

I worked on the girls reading, trying to define the faces more. The center figure I want to have as the focal point with that nice orange shall it should be a delight for the eye to linger on. I'm really liking the way the viewer looks past the girl on the left, her head turned towards the center figure adds to the composition. 

I finished off the southern Utah painting yesterday and took it down to Southam Gallery, they had a few lawyers come in to look at it. And as it turns out they liked it so much, they bought the work. It was a fun painting to do so I'm glad it has found a home.

Richard Boyer

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