Saturday, January 11, 2014


I started another 40x30 inch painting for the show at the May Gallery in February.  This one will be from the Red Light district in Amsterdam and right in the center of it all is their oldest church from the 14th century. It just seems fitting to have the church surrounded by scantily clad women trying to seduce the church going clients. I remember walking back through the area after a long painting session with easel in hand  Okay grant it, I could have taken the more direct route back to the hotel, but on this sunny afternoon my artistic curiosity took over and I did a small side trip through the red light district. There the women in their tight booty shorts beaconed me over to have a look at my painting in hand. After a few had crowded around me, we heard the growling voice of their boss, calling them away and for me to move on.  

So as I work on this piece I am left with the dilemma, do I put a few of these women in the painting?  It would make it a fun piece, but almost certainly guarantee that it would never sell. Let's be real here…"hey, honey how about this painting of the prostitutes for the livingroom wall?!!"

There is actually a more conservative dress code for the ladies during the day when all the children are present. Most of the working tend to be middle aged with all private bits covered. That means proper shorts which barely cover and halter tops. When evening comes things get spicier, the women tend to be much younger in their twenties and the preferred article of clothing being just a small thong. Breasts are flying everywhere and business is brisk. 

Maybe I should satisfy the question that's on your mind: No, I have never done it!!!  

Richard Boyer

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