Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Well today I haven't even started to paint.  

The Volvo didn't pass inspection because of a check engine light. so I had to take it down to the dealership, where they found out its the Catalytic converter,  $1800 to fix and a week out to order the damn thing.  

So then I figured I'd head to the Apple store to fix our laptop that doesn't work. My son told me the Gateway mall is where they are, well turns out the store is boarded up and they have moved to the new City Creek Mall. Half hour later I'm in their empty store with them telling me, one can not just walk in and expect service….you need to make an appointment…"but their is nobody @%#@ here, why would I need to make an appointment?"  I couldn't argue with their business model.  I'm figuring it might be cheaper to fix the stupid thing than to buy a new one.

So last night Rick Graham decided to stir things up a little at the model session and we had half hour poses. So with such short time one doesn't have the luxury of fiddling about. I had to blast in as quick as possible what I saw. It is a good exercise in how quick you can measure up your anatomy.

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