Tuesday, November 12, 2013


So now I've had it, some idiot has sabotaged my blog site with spam. Seems that every time you click on a link it takes you to an advertisement with no way of clicking out of it. I called a friend who is wise in the ways of "html" and he said he could look at it when he has some time. Personally I would love to send some kind of really nasty virus back to the clown who waisted their time putting it on my blog site. 

I did find out if you right click and scroll down to opening the link in a new tab, it will work. 

We had a figure painting session at Bryce Liston's place a few days ago and here is my result. Just wish I could get more done in the allotted time. But I figure if I keep doing them I should eventually learn something.

My next project was to add a small boat in the canal here to see if that would take care of the empty space lower down.  It does seem to help, but will be one of those things where I have to set it aside and look back into it later on. Maybe I'll see a different solution.

Richard Boyer

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