Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Well I showed the image to the Orthodontist via an email attachment and his feedback was that it needed a few changes to fit in to his childhood memories.  Sometimes these kind of commissions can be a problem, because the memory of the client is never that clear when you are trying to re-live it in a painting. 

He remembers more beach, so I moved the tide out a little to reveal more sand. He also commented on less vegetation on the dunes. I've painted in Denmark before and there is actually quite a bit of dune grass on the hills of sand.  The children are not quite as he remembers with respect to the ages, so I shot back an email requesting the ages of all figures involved.  This might make it easier to work from if I can at least get the sizes of the kids right from the age.

The boat painting is also nearing completion; most likely a couple of days to the side will tell. I'll bring it to the crit session on Thursday and see what they say.

Richard Boyer 

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