Sunday, July 7, 2013


Rejected from the American Impressionist show in South Carolina.  Once again I didn't make it into the club…maybe next year.  The let down will last a few days and usually forces me to try and get better at painting. 

As if I really have any other choice.

I worked some more on the Orthodontist's painting, blasting in four figures per request. This will need a little more refining during the week and then I could present him with an image to see what he thinks.

Richard Boyer 

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  1. Hey, Richard

    Have you ever looked at Robert Shetterly's portraits? (Americans Who Tell the Truth)

    He has done portraits of some folks you might recognize -- eg, Tim DeChristopher, Terry Tempest Williams, Ed Abbey -- all environmentalists (goddamned, o f course)

    What do you think of the portraits themselves?

    I don't know much about painting, but I can at least say that the likenesses are quite good.

    -- Larry Darkness