Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I worked on the water and grasses today. Bringing them up to the same level as the figures.  There are still a few things that bother me about it and I can not put my finger on it just quite yet. This usually means setting it aside and looking at it in a few days time; then hopefully it will pop out at me!

Victor started up nordic jumping yesterday at the Olympic jumps at Park City. He wanted to get into in more this year after trying it for the first time last year. They meet twice a week until they can get to the level where they fly off the 90 meter, then they can do the Saturday training as well.  

While he was jumping I decided to at least do a skate ski workout on the track they have set up there just below the jumps. The course was good, but for the first of the season and at that elevation (7000) I feel it in the lungs. Yes, I was panting all the way around the five kilometer loop. Tomorrow I will do it again and hopefully the body will be more use to it!  Time to get back into shape again…

Richard Boyer

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