Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, Dec. 3.

I worked a little on the boat painting. The shirt on my daughter had to be lightened up a bit and something needed to be done with her right hand. I decided to have her grabbing a water lilly to add some interest.  A few edges were also softened here and there, so now its ready to be left along again for a week to see what else I could do to it. It's seems like a never ending process.

Over the weekend I signed up for and took part in the Wheeler Farm Christmas market fair.  Wheeler farm is a historic farm they preserved from the pioneer times and managed to actually keep away the developers.  Outside of their 70 farm are the sprawling suburbs of Murray, Utah with strip mall after strip mall.  Not a pretty sight!

So there I sold my calendars and met a lot of people. It was good weekend and I sold eighteen of them along with some older cards I had.  

Richard Boyer

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