Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Everybody waited in anticipation for the transit of Venus across the sun, and then the clouds rolled in. Thousands of silver coated eye glasses were sold for the viewing.  The viewing of overcast skies; it all seemed like a waist, until that final moment before the sun went down below the horizon.  The clouds parted and we had a short view of the sun. We all climbed out on to the bedroom porch to watch the event through funny, OSHA approved paper glasses. The only problem being for those of us without 20/20 vision, it was next to impossible to see because of the small size against the sun. The kids with eagle eyed vision saw it quite clearly, but me…no way.

I worked some more on the boat painting here. With a bunch of rigging, it was better to get the background done first. So today I concentrated on the sky and buildings of Stockholm.  Tomorrow I’ll work more on the two main wooden boats and begin pulling all the mast work up into the sky.


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