Friday, June 22, 2012


We had a small crit session last night and I brought this one out for the final inspection. So today I added a tree on the left side to help break up the rock wall and pumped up the contrast a little more in the cliffs.  Also I lightened up the water and put more reflections in from the rock wall to the right. 

On Monday I’ll be back up at the cabin.  The Midway Art Association is having a week long plein air event, which I’ll be participating in and since the cabin is but a stones throw away, it makes more sense to just stay in the area.  I have about six canvases and frames ready to go and a particular red barn that I want to paint and a few bottles of red wine to keep me going!

Actually some of the artists in the crit group will be staying up there with me, as we search around for subject matter.  All paintings have to be in by Saturday for judging, then on Monday and Tuesday they have quick four hour plein air events within the different towns. Seems like even more pressure to get a painting done.

Richard Boyer 

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