Thursday, April 19, 2012


I worked on a few pieces today, first was the Amsterdam piece here where I added the boats in the foreground and played with the water. Still not sure about the figure on the bridge, maybe it needs another element like a giraffe or elephant?! But seriously it might need something, so I’ll put it aside for a bit and think on it. Hopefully an idea will come before the dust settles too much on it. We have the crit session tonight so I could see what others say and go from there as well.

The next painting is one that has been lying around in the studio for a while now. I keep asking myself what would Mian Situ do to it to make it sing? I worked on a few parts of it to see if that would help. Most likely another one for the crit session.

Richard Boyer


  1. May I indulge in your crit session? I think the hands area needs to be defined stronger. At the moment your focal point is conflicting with the ladies face. Obviously the painting is about what is happening, making crust. Everything points there. But the woman's face pulls our attention too much. The hands/rolling pin should be defined more than the face.

    It's just my opinion. Lovely little composition.

  2. Thanks Susan,

    There is actually quite a bit a need to work on with this piece, the back ground seems too warm as well!