Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, April 16

Well after looking at this painting long enough I decided to kill it. Sometimes you get the feeling it’s just not going to work out and sure enough I was having that feeling with this piece. It just came across to dark, that little bit of sunset sky wasn’t going to carry the predominant cools in the painting. I found myself just staring at it thinking over and over what I could do to get it to work and when that happens, it’s best to kill it and move on or else you can get sucked into a black hole where you spend weeks working on something that in the end will just be mediocre.

I decided to do an Amsterdam bridge scene instead with a lot more light; at least I can visualize how this will look in the end, so it will be better for me to paint.

We had a bit of a problem over the weekend up at the cabin. We turned on the pump to get water and noticed that there was a leek, water was gushing out in the pump house. Damn, that meant no water for the house either!

So we were left with the task of digging down four and a half feet below the frost line at our location up at the lofty height of 7000 feet. It was a six foot frost line shut off facet that broke. The shut off part of it four feet down wasn’t doing the job and so it let water up to the surface where it froze and cracked the pipe.

We have the boy’s cousin, Oscar visiting us for a week from Sweden. It was his spring break. Any ways I figured a little bribe might work to get them to dig down five feet or so with a pick axe. We had free tickets to Deer Valley Ski Resort, so we all went up there, had a fancy lunch and they headed on to the cabin to spend the night and work the next day. The long of the short, we got it fixed and decided to dress up the dog to celebrate.

I can’t say that she was all that excited over the idea!!!

Richard Boyer

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