Thursday, December 5, 2013


Here is another southern Utah painting I finished off. It was sitting in my studio for the longest time until I figured out what to do. I originally had the painting in Spring colors, rather subdued shades of light green. Then I figured why not try the Cottonwood trees in their fall colors, thats usually the nicest time of season down there. This view is Polly's Island down in Grand Gulch.  We just finished a long three day hike going down Bullet Canyon and coming up here. From this point we still had two miles to walk up out of the canyon to our shuttled cars.

My daughter and I are going skate skiing this afternoon up at Mountain Dell. She is part of the Utah Nordic Alliance, I'll do a few laps there while she trains. It's going to be a cold event no matter how you slice it, last night it went down to 6 degrees. I'm thinking a little red wine tonight at the crit session should warm me back up.

Richard Boyer

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  1. What! Just a little red wine? craig